Some of our recent Google reviews from customers:


Steve Rocco:

Both Insun and John strongly recommended. Immediate results and totally professional.

Ryan Worsfold: 
I saw John for trouble I was having with my lower back and he was absolutely fantastic – he was easy to talk to and immediately put me at ease, but more importantly he really seems to know his stuff! Highly recommended!
Sally Houghton:
Following a complicated clavicle repair I had a lot of stiffness and pain in my shoulder. I was treated by Insun Lee at New Energy Physiotherapy. She is very friendly and was encouraging when my progress seemed to be taking time. Insun does a lot of hands on treatment for manipulation of the joints, in addition to setting a home exersize routine to keep increasing the flexibility. My shoulder has now practically returned to its original range of movement.
Alison N: 

I see physiotherapies Insun Lee at New Energy Physiotherapy. Insun is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Insun treats not only the symptoms and also pain holistically, taking into account stress/mental health, diet and exercise.

Staff at the clinic are very friendly and professional they treat their clinics new and existing as part of their extended family!

I couldnt be happier with Insun and the rest of the staff at New Energy Physiotherapy

Joshua Nibbs: 
John is the best physiotherapist I have ever been to and explains everything clearly in a way anyone can understand. Would absolutely recommend to anyone who is considering.
Cristian Rivillas Zuluaga: 
Highly recommended, John Bradshaw is the best physio, very professional and diligent.
Cameron T:
Insun Lee is the best physio I’ve been to. She provided excellent treatment and over a number of sessions to remove soreness and increase flexibility, and I would recommend Insun highly to anyone. I also really like how they send an email with the exercises they instruct you on so that I can remember them all, and they sell all the equipment you need on site.


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